New Swiss Performance Now: Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger, Florence Jung

Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger, Everybody Is Leaving, We Are Showing Up, 2018. Photo: Gaspard Weissheimer

Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger show a performance in five acts with their new work EVERYBODY IS LEAVING, WE ARE SHOWING UP!. Every Sunday during several hours the five performers are moving as a swarm through the exhibitions space speaking texts in different languages about the otherness, eruption, and breakout, about the community of ants, about exclusion and the relation between loners and a pack of wolfs. The performers are speaking together, sometimes alternating sometimes in dialogues or as a choir. They are moving as one body through the space only once in a while dissolving this consistency. They are wearing sweaters saying ICH BIN PARAT or CRISIS IS BORING, which were designed by Kambiz Shafei and silkscreened by Gaspard Weissheimer. The sweaters are uniform, merchandise, and relict in one. In an edition of 100, they will be available during the exhibition at the bookshop of Kunsthalle Basel, being worn by anyone interested in the slogans to carry on and extending this performance outside the institutional context.

Further performance times on February 4, 11, and 18, 2018.

Florence Jung’s work Jung59 takes place at the same time.

Daily and over the whole duration of the exhibition Marta Margnetti presents her new work Dispositivo di protezione (protective device), 2018, and every Thursday to Sunday Jérôme Leuba presents battlefield #132. An overview of all performance times of the exhibition can be found here.