museumsnacht basel 2012

From now on tickets for the basel museums night 2012 can be purchased at Kunsthalle Basel and other institutions.

CHF 20.-/EUR 17,- for adults
CHF 10.-/EUR 8,50 with the Upper Rhine Museums-Pass
Free for those 25 and younger (with ID)

Vernissage for Kids, 18:00, 20:00
On an exciting tour through the Kunsthalle, the children will find out how artists today work, they can ask questions, and let their imagination run wild in the kids’ studio.
from the age of 6, limited to 15 participants

Short Guided Tours, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30, 22:30
Students of the Kunsthistorisches Seminar of the University of Basel give tours through the current exhibition.

Several Types of Museum Audience Gathered Together in an Installation and Grooving with a Week
11pm, Live Sound Mix by Cevdet Erek
The artist Cevdet Erek will improvise live on the existing piece of sound, which is a part of his current installation at Kunsthalle Basel, entitled Week. With variations, destruction and re-introducing he intends to establish a climax of the beat – the emergence of a final tempo, tone and energy – which will be played back in the installation space through the rest of the Museumsnacht.

Performance as Publishing, 21:00 – 01:00
Performance as Publishing is an event that investigates the shifting relations between performance practice and discourse, event and writing.
The event furthermore explores the work of contemporary artists who use text as the base for their performance. Text does not primarily appear as a means of communication but as something, which has a shape and structure of its own. The performative act appears as an investigation into how meaning can be transformed and constructed through speech act and the voice. Performance therefore emerges as the main tool to make a text presentable and accessible. Through the implementation of voice, gestures and technical amplifiers a wider field of mediation is possible. Language may then be used in different terms (abstract, concrete) for unconventional mediations (fiction, fact), which challenges the perception and questions our daily cognition. Performance as Publishing looks at how language shapes and creates our world and how the corporal act is part of the linguistic mediation.

Nicole Bachmann (CH)
Ruth Beale (UK)
Michael Dean (UK)
Beatrice Gibson (UK)
Francesco Pedraglio (I)
Heather Phillipson (UK)
Reto Pulfer (CH)

Concept: Nicole Bachmann, Ruth Beale
Curated by: Manuela Schlumpf

With support from: Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Stiftung, Nationale Suisse Basel.

with bar service

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Image: Performance as Publishing, Francesco Pedraglio, South London Gallery, 6 July 2011