Museumsnacht 09


6 – 7pm
Private view for children

I see, I see, what you don’t see! Children can discover the exhibitions of the Kunsthalle Basel and the Swiss Architecture Museum during a playful guided tour. Afterwards there will be a special aperitif for children with lemonade, apples and peanuts!

Book launch Rooms Look Back

Publication in conjunction with the exhibition Rooms Look Back with Rosa Barba, Ursula Mayer, Margaret Salmon, Insert: Davide Cascio, Manuela Leinhoß, Swantje Hielscher (21.09. – 16.11.2008).

8pm I 9pm I 10pm I 11pm

Guided tours of half an hour through the exhibition I Am Become Death by Goshka Macuga by Rosa Flicker und Carlos Granado, students of the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel.

7.30pm – 2am
The Night of The Wild Cannibals

The exhibition spaces Lodypop, New Jerseyy, Showroom & Vrits present:
Marcel Forrer
Used Future
Alexander Hempel
Hotcha & The Teenage Lesbians From Hell
Mathias Renner
Manuel Scheiwiller
Liliane Zumkemi

7.30pm – 2am Performance ‘The Night of The Wild Cannibals’ by Manuel Scheiwiller a.o.
7.40pm Performance by Liliane Zumkemi
9.30pm Performance by Marcel Forrer
12pm Discussion with Alexander Hempel & Used Future
12.30pm Concert by Hotcha & The Teenage Lesbians from Hell

CHF 20.-/ bis 25 Jahre Gratis/mit Oberrheinischem Museumspass: CHF 10.-