Mittwoch-Matinée: Regionale 22 “… von möglichen Welten”

Installation view, Regionale 22, … von möglichen Welten, Kunsthalle Basel, 2021, view on Anna Maria Balint, Chassis, 2021 (front); Marie Do Linh, In Mooren, 2020 (back, left); Mélusine Brosse, Nymphose 1, 2021, and Nymphose 2, 2021 (back, right). Photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel

What could the world of tomorrow look like? Within a joint tour, we discuss dystopian, utopian, and possible worlds of the future based on the 23 artistic positions of the Regionale 22. The tour will be held in German.

Meetingpoint: Foyer Kunsthalle Basel
Costs: 10 CHF
Registration is not required.