Mark Leckey at Bildrausch Filmfestival at kult.kino Atelier 1, Basel

Sampling, collecting, and appropriating existing images is the basis of much of British artist Mark Leckey’s work—whether using obscure dancehall footage of throbbing, ecstatic, dancing youth for his 1999 landmark video Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore; or, later, using Internet google search results for his 2008–09 lecture In the Long Tail. And music is often at the heart of it all. It is fitting, then, that his latest film is both culled from readymade footage and takes the formative power of music as a red thread. As Leckey himself describes it: “MyAlbum: A Rough-Demo Video is a record of all the events in my life during the 20th century that I feel were significant. It is a memoir from 1945 until 1999.”

Kunsthalle Basel and Bildrausch Filmfestival are very happy to have the chance to screen an exclusive pre-release version of MyAlbum: A Rough-Demo Video (Release, October 2015) and his famous video Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore at kult.kino Atelier, Basel.

kult.kino Atelier 1
Theaterstrasse 22
4001 Basel