Kunsthalle Basar

On Saturday, September 7, from 12 noon to 5 pm, while the Jugendkulturfestival rages outside, the “Kunsthalle Basar” will take place in the Oberlichtsaal of Kunsthalle Basel and will offer a flea market, a bar, music, and activities organized by our art education team for the whole family. The “Kunsthalle Basar” takes place as part of the 180th anniversary of the Basler Kunstverein and offers artists, members, friends, and fans of Kunsthalle Basel the opportunity to sell their belongings.

👉 Are you interested in selling second-hand and new clothes, sports equipment or handcrafted items? Then sign up now with a few words about your offerings for a stand from 1 to 4 square meters via email and mark September 7 in your agenda. There are only a few places left, members of the Kunstverein have a priority and creative ideas are welcome.