Kunsthalle Bar with DJ set by Akay

Kunsthalle Bar is open every Thursday from 6 pm, with DJ sets, performances, and events until March 26, 2020.

Thurs, 13.2.2020, DJ set by Akay, from 8 pm

“Producers are using a lot more sounds and a lot less instruments, (some) tracks are really empty, but there’s a sophistication people can get into, bridging the so-called death of disco and the birth of house, (but) all this early-to-mid-80s music lacks a name beyond drably functional and neutral terms like dance or club music (and thereafter) start(s) the whole dub thing in disco.” – Darryl Reynolds Pettibone

Post-1979 Disco / Dub / HipHop / House / Soul / (No)Wave-Music