JKF@Kunsthalle Basel

During Jugendkulturfestival Basel (JKF), Kunsthalle Basel turns into a festival venue for a day. Young local artists step in with their own interpretations of the foyer, creating a visual link between Kunsthalle Basel and the public space.

Have you ever wondered why you ask questions? It is in the nature of human being to broaden his knowledge. He asks to learn and to test others. Even as a child one asks questions out of curiosity and ignorance. Why does the sun shine, the child asks his mother. But soon we accept without questioning. The important questions we want to hear from others, as we are too lazy to ask them ourselves. Too late the major questions come to our mind that we wanted to have asked during a talk. So, come and ask.

Anna Schaffter, Vitapan Somosundaram, Martin Sutter, Deborah Senn, Dlovan Shaheri, Luke Manser

Opening: Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 2 pm, Kunsthalle Basel, Steinenberg 7, 4051 Basel
Free admission to the current exhibitions at Kunsthalle Basel for teenagers up to 25 years.
More information about the Jugendkulturfestival you can find here.