Handwerk – performance by Alexandra Bachzetsis – 8pm and 10pm

14 NOVEMBER 2008, 10PM

‘Handwerk’ is an artwork by instruction, its stage a ballet-like studio, in which the horinzontal bar has been moved to its center and turned vertical into a pole for pole dancing. In her live performance, Bachzetsis and her co-performers aim for conceptual cleanliness, technicality and avoid the grace of a ballerina and the raunchy posturings of a striptease queen.

Concept: Alexandra Bachzetsis
Performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Ayelen Parolin, Saga Sigurardottir

Ticket reservation at r +41 61 206 99 00/01

Handwerk performance of Alexandra Bachzetsis in the frame of her solo show at Kunsthalle Basel (25.10.-16.11.2008).
SHOW by Alexandra Bachzetsis