Film screening on the occassion of the exhibition “DAMNESIA VU. Zum Besten der Griechen” by Danai Anesiadou

X, Y & M by Danai Anesiadou & Sophie Nys, (2008), 15min

In the video the artist is shown walking through the museum of the Belgian surrealist Paul Delvaux at St. Idesbald as well as through the ornate halls of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, where Alain Resnais filmed L’Année dernière à Marienbad (1960). Thereby Anesiadou inhabits Resnais’ discourse of lovers’ memories by dismantling its rarified atmosphere and by re-encrypting its secret in her own code.

Le Rayon vert by Éric Rohmer, (1986), 96min

As her travel companion ditched her, Parisian secretary Delphine sets off traveling on her own. But be it in Normandy, Paris or in the Alps – Delphine feels lonely everywhere. Only on the last day of her holidays, luck seems to turn in her favor as she meets a young man. Together they observe le rayon vert, a rare green flash at sunset, which is told to reveal the own thoughts and feelings and those of others as if by magic…

Le Rayon vert captures one with its unpretentious charm and the lightness of staging. The film has been assigned with the „Golden Lion“ in Venice in 1986.