Film screening on the occasion of the show ‚I Am Become Death’ by Goshka Macuga

Chris Marker and François Reichenbach
The Sixth Face of the Pentagon
1968, showed on dvd.
28 mins

Winterfilm Collective inassociation with Vietnam Veterans
Winter Soldier
1972, 16mm, showed on dvd.
95 mins

In connection to the exhibition I Am Become Death by Goshka Macuga at Kunsthalle Basel from January 16 till March 8, Kunsthalle Basel presents two films, chosen by the artist. The first is ‘The Sixth Face of the Pentagon’ by Chris Marker & François Reichenbach, documenting the gathering of over 100,000 protestors in Washington DC on October 21, 1967 to mobilize the end of the war in Vietnam. The second is Winter Soldier, a documentary of the “Winter Soldier Investigation” conducted by Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Detroit, Michigan in the winter of 1971. The purpose of the investigation was to bring to light the nature of the American military policy in Vietnam.

Interested in alternative representations to the official ones, Macuga acquired a collection of private photographs from a Vietnam War veteran that show the daily, un-heroic, funny or just boring aspects of a soldier’s life at a military base in Vietnam. A selection of these photos appears in her show at the Kunsthalle. To know more about the context in which they were made, Macuga met up with the photographer. This encounter forms one part of her new documentary film ‘Snake Society’, made in collaboration with the visual anthropologist Julian Gastelo. The two films she selected for the STADTKINO cover events and stories that the U.S. government rather kept away from publicity at the time.

Location: Stadtkino Basel
Entrance fee: CHF 12.-/6.- for members of the Basler Kunstverein
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