Film screening on the occasion of the show by Hannes Schüpbach

The artist selected three films to accompany his show at Kunsthalle Basel. The following texts are his descriptions of these films. Hannes Schüpbach accentuates those aspects that relate to his own films – the representation of time and movement and the complex processes of experiencing and remembering.

Kenneth Anger
Puce Moment
1949, 16mm, colour, sound, 6′.
Courtesy Canyon Cinema

«In Puce Moment, Kenneth Anger uses methods from the silent movie: the graceful slow movements and the slightly out of focus images, for example when the Diva puts on her perfume. It is a spatial and olfactory image – in its slight distance, only tangible to the eye. The fabrics of wonderful robes are parading as if they were alive, screens of shimmering beauty. The artificial colouring of Anger’s film presents a rich and diverse palette, much beyond reality – describing as it were the perception of a sensitive mind, who wants to get lost in this artificial beauty.»

Bruce Baillie
Valentin de las Sierras
1968, 16mm, colour, sound, 10′.
Courtesy Canyon Cinema

«In Valentin de las Sierras there is the texture of a horse-back: Bruce Baillie’s sense of corporeality in movement pervades the entire film. The short, skirting encounters become valuable through their fleetingness and their openness to the miraculous beauty of a moment.»

Peter Hutton
Images of Asian Music (A Diary from Life 1973-1974)
1973-1974, 16mm, b&w, silent, 29′.
Courtesy Canyon Cinema

«Hutton’s sense of time span is profound, the way time is perceived and how it is looked at expresses a human presence behind the camera. The sequence of images do not seem to lead us anywhere and yet it can absorb us and bring forth a sensation of floating, of moving along, not only with the river flows or the waves of the sea, but also with the time and the existence of that what happens and of the one who sees.»

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