Film screening on the occasion of the exhibitions “After Architects” & “Cyprien Gaillard – Obstacles to Renewal”

On the occasion of the solo exhibition „Obstacles to Renewal“ by Cyprien Gaillard and the group exhibition “After Architects” (with Latifa Echakhch, David Jablonowski, Charlotte Moth, John Smith, James Welling and Haegue Yang), Kunsthalle Basel presents a film programme at STADTKINO Basel.

Besides films by Cyprien Gaillard, John Smith and James Welling, the programme consists of a wide variety of films by contemporary artists that deal with architecture in different ways. The selected films complement the film programme “After Architects” that was shown 2007 at STADTKINO Basel.

Film programme

Part 1: 8pm-9.15pm

CYPRIEN GAILLARD, The Lake Arches, 2007, 1’43”
JAMES WELLING, Sun Pavilion, 2010, 4’30’’
MICHEL AUDER, It’s Hard to be Down When you’re Up, 1979 (released 2005), 21′
BEATRICE GIBSON & ALEX WATERMAN, A Necessary Music, 2008, 20′
ROSALIND NASHASHIBI, Humaniora, 2003, 12′
FILIPA CÉSAR, Allee der Kosmonauten, 2007, 8’17”
MONA VATAMANU & FLORIN TUDOR, Praful (The Dust), 2006, 6’08”
PEDRO BARATEIRO, Falta-me Espao (Lack of Space), 2007, 1’36”


Part 2 : 9.30pm-10.45pm

DORA GARCIA, Hotel Wolfers, 2007, 11’46”
PEDRO BARATEIRO, Travelogue, 2006, 5’16”
JORDI COLOMER, Avenida Ixtapaluca, 2009, 6’09”
ROSALIND NASHASHIBI, Dahiet Al Bareed, District Of The Post Office, 2002, 6′
JOHN SMITH, The Black Tower, 1987, 22’54”
MICHAEL AUDER, T.W.U. Richard Serra, An Unsolicited Video by Michel Auder, 1980-82, re-edit 2002, 14′
CYPRIEN GAILLARD, Pruitt Igoe Falls, 2009, 6’58”

Location: Stadtkino Basel, Klostergasse 5
Admission: CHF 12/ For members of the Basler Kunstverein CHF 6

Image: Cyprien Gaillard, The Lake Arches, 2007. Videostill. Courtesy Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.