Film Screening on the occasion of the exhibition “Morgenlied” by Latifa Echakhch & David Maljkovic

For the film screening at STADTKINO Basel, taking place on the occasion of the current exhibition by Latifa Echakhch and David Maljković, entitled Morgenlied, David Maljković has compiled a selection of short films and archival film material. The screening will consist of both his own films, and of films by artists who exerted a major influence on his work.

The film as a medium and the cinematic dispositif of projection space and projection devices play a central role in David Maljković oeuvre. In similar vein as his installation shown in the exhibition Morgenlied at Kunsthalle Basel, his films investigate the modernist vocabulary of forms and how it is used today. The history of experimental film production in the former Yugoslavia is one of Maljkovic’s important interests.

In his compilation Maljković included selected episodes from his own films with archival footage and two short films from the 1960s by experimental filmmakers Tomislav Gotovac (1937 – 2010) and Vladimir Petek (1940 – 2003). Maljković interweaves his films – part of which are set in the future – with historical films, thereby blurring the distinction between the past, the present and the future.

Maljković’s compilation of films has last been shown in February 2012 at MUMOK in Vienna under the title History Lessons.

Image: David Maljković, Temporary Projections, 2011, Kunsthalle Basel, 2012, Photo: Gunnar Meier