Film Screening on the occasion of the exhibition “From yu to me” by Aleksandra Domanovic

Enter the Dragon

For the film screening on the occasion of her exhibition From yu to me, Aleksandra Domanović has chosen to present three films that illustrate a feeling of shared identity in the Post-Yugoslavian states.

The short film Healthy People for Pastime (1971) by Karpo Ačimović-Godina gives insight into the life of the people in the autonomous province Vojvodina in Serbia. In stark contrast to the political tensions later to follow in Yugoslavia, the different ethnical groups such as Serbs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Croatians, and Rumanians co-exist seemingly harmoniously. Healthy People for Pastime has both earned high praise, but has also been censored by public authorities because of its subversive critique.

In EXIT in the Morning (2002) the director Želimir Žilnik captures impressions of the Serbia’s largest music festival. To ‘exit’ the cultural resignation after the down-fall of Yugoslavia, the EXIT festival was established in 2000 to re-unite young people across political borders. Until today the festival represents a cosmopolitan Serbia. Želimir Žilnik is one of the co-founders of the ‚black wave‘, a movement within Yugoslav film history that during the 1960s and 1970s aimed at unmasking the dark side of the socialist state.

Enter the Dragon (2006) tells the story about how Bruce Lee came to Mostar. Initiated by the Mostar Urban Movement, the first public sculpture of the Chinese-American film star in Bosnia-Herzegovina is inaugurated in 2005. What looks like a glorification through a group of enthusiastic kung fu fans, is in fact the result of an identity crisis, caused by the break-up of the Yugoslavian state. The town separate through ethnical conflicts, is supposed to be brought back together again through the belief in shared values like justice, loyalty and friendship embodied by western pop heroes.

Titel: Healthy People for Pastime
Written and directed: Karpo Ačimović-Godina
14′, DVD, Colour, Serbo-croate, Slovaque, Hongrois with English subtitles

Titel: EXIT in the Morning
Written and directed: Želimir Žilnik
12′, DVD, Colour, Serbian

Titel: Enter the Dragon
Written and directed: Ozren Milharcić
50′, DVD, Colour, Serbian with English subtitles

Location: STADTKINO Basel (Klostergasse 5)
Admission fee: CHF 12.-/Members of the Basler Kunstverein CHF 6.-
Please join us for drinks at the bar after the event.

Image: Aleksandra Domanović, Turbo Sculpture, 2012, Film Still