Film screening in relation to “How to Work (More for) Less”


Kunsthalle Basel presents in conjunction with the exhibition How to Work (More for) Less selected films by the
participating artists – Juliette Blightman, Tania Pérez Córdova, Raphael Hefti, Judith Hopf, Tobias Kaspar, Adriana
Lara, Adrian Melis, Pratchaya Phinthong, Pamela Rosenkranz, Pilvi Takala and Pedro Wirz – at STADTKINO Basel


  1. Judith Hopf
    Zählen, 2008
    Video, 2’44“

  2. Robin Mackay
    A Brief History of Geotrauma or: The Invention of Negarestani
    Video, 9’40“
    Selected by Pamela Rosenkranz

  3. Reetta Huhtanen
    Kuppikunta (Coffee break), 2008
    Video, 19’
    Selected by Pilvi Takala

  4. Tobias Kaspar
    Das Leonardo DiCaprio Album, Zigarette (Take I, Take II), 2009
    16mm, color, no sound, 9’

  5. Adriana Lara
    Art film – ever present yet ignored, 2007
    Video, 7’30”


  1. Levi Orta
    Dias Libres, 2010
    Video/ miniDV, NTSC, color, 16:9, no sound, 3’02”
    Selected by Adrian Melis

  2. Wimo Ambala Bayang
    Once upon a Time in China, 2005
    Video, 4’10”
    Selected by Pratchaya Phinthong

  3. Fischli/Weiss
    Der Lauf der Dinge (Making of), 1987
    Video, 26’
    Selected by Pedro Wirz

The contribition of Tania Pérez Córdova can be watched on Youtube:
Brian de Palma
The Responsive Eye dokumentation about the Op-Art exhibition at MoMA in 1965 by Brian de Palma
Youtube-Video, 26’

Duration: 78’

Afterwards bar

Every last Tuesday in the month (Summer break in July & August): ///KUNSTHALLE BASEL IM STADTKINO BASEL////

Location: STADTKINO Basel, Klostergasse 5
Admission: CHF 12/for members of the Basler Kunstverein CHF 6

Image: Filmbstill from “Das Leonardo DiCaprio Album, Zigarette (Take I, Take II)”, 2009 by Tobias Kaspar