Film screening at STADTKINO Basel on occasion of the exhibition by Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat

Kunsthalle Basel presents at STADTKINO Basel on the occasion of the exhibition Journal by Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat in the STADTKINO Basel:

D’Est (1993)

Directed by Chantal Akerman
110 min

In a cinematic journey in the “East” from East Germany to Moscow, the camera in D’Est explores the environment in a natural movement while the seasons change. Like walking forwards, or flicking through a book, the film captures people, landscapes and the passing of time. The images are chosen subjectively by the traveller, the director Chantal Akerman; however, they are not solely a portrayal of her point of view. No comments, no dialogues fix the meaning of the visible.

This neutrality of the images thus opens up a space for their own associations and the inexpressible. In the faces of the people in front of grey winter landscapes, other dimensions of moving images emerge. Visual mementos of collective memories, such as evacuation, loss and a disintegrating world, unfold. Through the collision of these charged imaginations and the physical images of the journey, Chantal Akerman’s D’Est generates a subjective expression which centres an individual approach to the horrors of the 20th century.

Location: STADTKINO Basel (Klostergasse 5)
Admission fee: CHF 12.-/Members of the Basler Kunstverein CHF 6.-
With bar