Film screenig at STADTKINO Basel on the occasion of Paulina Olowskas exhibition “Pavilionesque”

Tuesday, June 25, 8pm

Kunsthalle Basel presents at STADTKINO:

Film screening on the occasion of the exhibition Pavilionesque by Paulina Olowska

The film screening on the occasion of the exhibition Pavilionesque by Paulina Olowska is dedicated to a set of films, which show puppet and marionette theatre pieces. From the early recordings of the American pioneers Rufus and Margo Rose by 1938 to the first recordings of the famous experimental puppet-theatres in Switzerland – Mummenschanz.

Frank Paris & His Marionettes (1941-1946)

b/w, DVD, 6 min

Rufus & Margo Rose:Jerry Pulls the Stringes (1938)

b/w, 37 min

Bil and Cora Baird: Aventure in Telezonia (1947):

colour, DVD, 18 min

Mummenschanz: Best of performances – the story of Mummenschanz (1983)

b/w, DVD, 20 min

In her first solo exhibition in Switzerland Pavilionesque at Kunsthalle Basel, Polish artist Paulina Olowska shows a three-dimensional model, or a sketch of a wooden pavilion – a kind of functional sculpture that serves as a setting for performances but also for the presentation of newly produced works such as paintings, ceramics and sculptures. All these works are informed by the idea of creating a new, contemporary puppet/performance/cabaret theatre. The exhibition is a narrative that integrates all these themes, presenting itself to the viewer as a contemporary multifaceted and genre-diverse art work that can not only be viewed but actually entered.

The exhibition Pavilionesque by Paulina Olowska can be visited at Kunsthalle untill September 1st, 2013.

Location: STADTKINO Basel (Klostergasse 5)

Admission fee: CHF 12.-/Members of the Basler Kunstverein CHF 6.-

With bar