Exúvia – a musical evening at the Kaserne Basel with guests by Pedro Wirz

In the context of Pedro Wirz’s exhibition Environmental Hangover, the Brazilian-Swiss artist invites other artists for a musical evening at the Kaserne under the title Exúvia.

Exúvia corresponds to the invitation to shed one’s skin in a similar way to an animal and thus reinvent oneself. After two years of Corona and the earth shaken by ecological crises, this might just be the most meaningful activity. The focus of the evening is on positions of the diverse Brazilian-Swiss music culture, which, just like himself, critically deal with the present and skilfully circumvent any Brazilian clichés. In addition to the Afro-Brazilian percussionist and singer Fabio Freire and the contemporary Bossa Nova project Yuki, with musicians from Malloumi’s circle, other artists will follow Wirz’s invitation. Wirz, who used to be a musician himself, brings people together with great passion.

Free admission. Without registration.

Further information: https://www.kaserne-basel.ch/en/programme/exuvia-ein-performativ-musikalischer-abend-mit-gasten/26-02-2022_20-00