Bookpresentation „Navigation“ with Hinrich Sachs and guests: Robin Curtis, Mohomodou Houssouba, Sophie Jung, Doris Lasch, in English

Navigation – A Publication for a Place without a Historical Center, Created Continuously Anew in Meetings and Events That Occur in Empowered Spaces, Simultaneously

In this publication questions regarding how to navigate in the present are not asked in order to obtain answers. They rather serve as records, similar to those found in analog logbooks in which the crew of a ship registers the surroundings and important events. The book brings together contributions from over 60 practitioners from a wide variety of professions and is therefore heterogeneous in terms of language, form, and content. The narratives follow traces of individuals and collectives as they move, learn and unlearn. In this way, the term navigation is activated, implicitly and explicitly on countless biographical, historical, epistemological, technological and aesthetic levels.

On the occasion of this launch, contributing author Robin Curtis will elaborate on some aspects of immersion as an aesthetic paradigm, in English. Hinrich Sachs, editor of the book, as well as the participating artists Doris Lasch and Sophie Jung and the writer Mohomodou Houssouba, will also be present.