Book presentations “Little Sun Back Here – a post periphery poem” by Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach and “Im Atelier” by Esther Hiepler

Little Sun Back Here – a post periphery poem is a publication by the artist duo Badel/Sarbach, consisting of a documentary booklet and a book object in the form of a daily tear-off calendar for 2021, published on the occasion of the Manor-Kulturpreis 2019, which the artist duo has dedicated to the theme of the sun. Day by day, the daily tear-off calendar shows the current course of the sun over the of artist duos’ studio in Guarda, Graubünden, and thus connects their living and working places with those of the viewers and users of the calendar. The book object Little Sun Back Here is the third part of the exhibition in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Wallis. The documentation booklet gives insight into all three parts of the exhibition in numerous pictures and with text – for example a granary that has been rotated by 180° so that the shady side is exposed to the sun for the first time.

Esther Hiepler reads from her publication Im Atelier. In nine chapters, the booklet series is dedicated to the artistic process and shows pictures, objects and texts that are messengers of a branched narrative about working in the studio. It is about breaks and productivity, about achievements and omissions, about work and reward. Objects, materials, arrangements and drawings are mixed with reflections on what has just been done or what could be done. One part of the reading is the drinking of home-brewed dandelion liqueur together. The signed slipcases or individual booklets can be bought througout the evening and there is time for conversation with the artist.

Little Sun Back Here – a post periphery poem will take place first, followed by Im Atelier. The publications can be purchased in the bookshop.

No registration is necessary. To attend this event, wearing a mask is mandatory.