Book presentation by Monika Kästli: Widerständige Geschichten, Aktionen und Projekte von Francis Alÿs

Monika Kästli and Kunsthalle Basel invite you to the book presentation Widerständige Geschichten, Aktionen und Projekte von Francis Alÿs on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 6:30 pm. After the talk (in German) there will be a performance by the artist Chris Hunter.

Kästli, an art historian and curator will present her carefully designed and illustrated book Wiederstädige Geschichten. Aktionen und Projekte von Francis Alÿs which she did extensive research for on Alÿs’s work. Impressed and moved by the works of the contemporary Belgian artist, she has followed his mysterious body of work. What is behind the apparently simple actions, and how does the artist create the fascination that his works have on the audience? In order to get to the bottom of these questions, the author has focused on the conceptual foundations of these artistic positions in the publication and followed the procedures closely.

Monika Kästli presents her insight in an entertaining way by means of selected, playful and yet critical works by Francis Alÿs. The artist Chris Hunter picks up on Alÿs’ methodology and translates it into a fine performance before and after the presentation.