Book Launch and Performance: Dominique Koch

Dominique Koch
Kunsthalle Basel (staircase)
5.30 PM
Twisted, Denaturalized, Extended, Condensed, Cut and Reunited – A Lecture Performance

Dominique Koch’s dense, conceptual work, drawn from various text based documents, explores narrative structures and their reception. In the staircase of Kunsthalle Basel, two actors engage in a Lecture Performance. Based on the different texts published in her Cahier, Koch scripts a new sequence from the existing material, thus suggesting a fresh narrative structure, story and finally order.

In connection with the publication of Dominique Koch’s first monograph in the Collection Cahiers d’Artistes 2013 by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. This publication can be seen, along the other seven winners at the bookshop of the Kunsthalle Basel.