Kunsthalle Book Day

Kunsthalle Basel invites you to a special day centered around a selection of new books presented by artists, publishers, and authors in the form of talks, presentations, and performance.
Admission is free.


11 a.m.
Kolja Reichert: Kann ich das auch? 50 Fragen an die Kunst

Reading followed by a public conversation in German

The art critic Kolja Reichert reads all 50 questions at once about art from his most recent book Kann ich das auch? 50 Fragen an die Kunst from 2022. The audience chooses which answers they want to hear. The reading is followed by an open conversation about art and its purpose.

12 p.m.
Cécile Hummel: Kein Ozeandampfer sondern ein Floss
Eine Sammlung

Book presentation / Reading / Conversation with art historian Kathrin Dunst in German

Under the title Kein Ozeandampfer. Sondern ein Floss. Eine Sammlung artist Cécile Hummel has created an impressive book that, as an “exhibition in book form,” allows for many different ways of reading and focuses on the entire spectrum of drawing: Thought notes, study sketches, protocols, paintings, series and sequences.

1 p.m.
Randolph Stewart Albright: House of the 3 Rabbits: An archaeology in reverse, the unpacking of a lost symbol, or daydreaming on the moon rabbit.

Reading followed by a conversation with Reto Pulfer in English

This project by Randolph Stewart Albright explores the ancient symbol of three rabbits with common ears, which is said to symbolize being, fertility and balance. The book serves as documentation of this fascinating research. Following the reading, Albright will talk with artist Reto Pulfer about herbs, spices and perennials, accompanied by a culinary experiment and a selection of lithographs, ceramics and homemade chili sauce.

2 p.m.
Reto Pulfer: Gina, ein zuständiger Roman

Reading followed by a conversation with Randolph Stewart Albright in English

The artist Reto Pulfer will read from his science fiction novel published in German in 2020 and in English in 2022, which exists in parallel with the artist’s installations, drawings, performances and music. The reading will be followed by a joint conversation with the editor of the English version Randolph Stewart Albright, for which both have prepared a culinary snack.

3 p.m.
Hannes Schüpbach: Essais

Film projection and reading followed by a conversation with Éléonore Bernard and Friederike Kretzen in German

Hannes Schüpbach published talks about the concept of “movement that starts within us” in his film Essais (16mm film, silent, 43 min.) from 2020. Its montage brings together the dancer Kira Blazek Ziaii with Stephen Watts, Éléonore Bernard, Heba Raphaëlle Meffre, Flurin Cuonz, Marco Baschera, and Jiajia Zhang. Following the film, there will be a reading and joint conversation with Éléonore Bernard, who appears in the film, and author Friederike Kretzen.