Bildrausch Filmfest Basel „With a Head Full of Dying Crows” Live Performance: Brent Green, Howe Gelb, Jim White & Donna K.

Shortfilm with live performance
Written & directed by: Brent Green
Duration: 96′

Live narration, musical accompanied and musicalized: Brent Green (Narrator and Gitare), Howe Gelb (Vocals, Piano), Jim White (Drums), Donna K. (Sound effects)

In collaboration with STADTKINO Basel

Brent Green’s short film universe is populated by strange characters: There is a little girl with a fire engine in her brain, blind rabbits and Santa Claus, who invents Christmas with a dying crow in his head. Brett knew many of his protagonists personally: for example the neighbor, a religious fanatic, who kills herself in order to free her evil little son from hell. Or aunt Carlin, who moved into the house of Brett’s parents when he was a little boy. Carlin is diabetic, loses her limbs and actually wants to die.

Brent Green is an artist, who learned the stop-motion-technique autodidact, which he uses to animate his films. His films are fragile, bizarre, in the best way tinkered works of art, affectionately staged and bursting with ideas. They often tell a story about pain and suffer, but there is always a large amount of beauty, humor and a love which believes to defeat death.

Brent Green sets his short films live to music, accompanied by a great band. “With a head full of dying crows” promises to become a unique mixture of singing, storytelling, music and film with singer and songwriter Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), drummer Jim White (The Dirty Three, Nick Cave) and sound maker Donna K.

Location: STADTKINO Basel (Klostergasse 5)
Admission: CHF 25

Tickets can be booked at STADTKINO Basel. Please call +41 61 272 66 88 to make a reservation.

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Image: Film still from Paulina Hollers, 2006, USA. Written, directed and animated by Brent Green