Art Basel – Art Salon: On Releasing, Distributing and Exhibiting Art Online

15 June 2013
5–6 pm
Art Basel Auditorium, Hall 1 Messeplatz, Basel

Lunch Bytes at Art Basel, in collaboration with
Kunsthalle Basel

Aleksandra Domanović, artist, Berlin
Oliver Laric, artist, Berlin
Domenico Quaranta, curator, critic, co-founder of the Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age, Bescia
Ben Vickers, curator, writer, network analyst, Curator of Digital at the Serpentine Gallery, co-director of LIMAZULU Project Space, London

Moderated by:
Melanie Bühler, Lunch Bytes
Fabian Schöneich, assistant curator Kunsthalle Basel

For further information:
Lunch Bytes

This Lunch Bytes event asks how artists, curators and representatives from art-related institutions use the internet to distribute and exhibit art. How do artists engage with and make use of current online infrastructure and which formats have proven to be productive? What are the dangers and pitfalls of producing and promoting art online, using platforms such as for instance Facebook? What new formats/ideas pertaining to the dissemination and exhibition of art on the internet have materialized? Is curating art in digital spaces different than curating art in a museum space? And how does online culture redefine the function and labor of the curator as well as the artists when it comes the promotion and exhibition of art?