Writing workshop in cooperation with lyrix – Bundeswettbewerb für junge Lyrik

From May 4 to 6, 2023, the annual writing workshop will take place at Kunsthalle Basel. Students will develop poems and prose texts under professional guidance during an intensive 4-hour workshop. They learn how to transform their thoughts into poetic lines through various exercises. Inspiration for the diverse texts is provided by the exhibitions of LuYang and Iris Touliatou, which could not be more different. From visually powerful scenarios of the future to seemingly dry verses, various experiences can be made which need to be put into words.

For poetic inspiration from past years, browse our mediation offerings!

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We would be happy if you would like to participate with your group.

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In cooperation with the Schule für Gestaltung and lyrix – Deutscher Bundeswettbewerb für junge Lyrik.