Artists’ Talks

During the run-up to the Regionale exhibition, students from the Department of Art History at Basel University have the chance to brief themselves thoroughly on individual works appearing in the show. In conversation with the artists in front of a public audience, they subsequently discuss the specific ways in which the works have been made.

Artists’ Talks are part of the project Perspektive Kunstvermittlung.

The following Artist’s Talks will take place in December 2019 on the Regionale exhibition Eine Karte -35/65+:

Thurs, 5.12.2019, 6:30 pm, Artists’ Talks with Mirjam Plattner and Jürg Stäuble, in German

Thurs, 12.12.2019, (new at) 6 pm, Artists’ Talks with Annette Barcelo and Selina Baumann, in German
with following listening session by Gerome Johannes Gadient (new at) 7 pm, live