Unter einem Dach

Franziska Baumgartner & Daniela Brugger
Kunsthalle Basel
Martin Stöcklin, studio-mst.ch (Graphic) & Mara Berger, moktok.ch (Illustration)
Druckerei Schwabe AG, Muttenz
German & English
Print run: 
Folded 25 x 16,5cm and unfolded 66 x 50cm
CHF 2.-
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A city map based on the art education project initiated by Kunsthalle Basel in collaboration with S AM Swiss Architecture Museum

In the project Unter einem Dach, a group of 14 children and teenagers explored art and architecture by visiting interesting locations in Basel and viewing outdoor sculptures. The project ran from February to May 2016, and the participants, aged 9—14 drew inspiration from these tours for their own creative projects. The text and the fictitious city map are based on the youths’ models and ideas, which have been merged with the actual surroundings of Basel to create a network of real and imaginary locations all over the city.

The Publication released in 2017 is based on the art education project Unter einem Dach which was generously supported by Swisslos-Fonds Basel-Stadt.