Regionale 17

Beyond the Real


Exhibition text and related events (PDF)

«Auch unter den Jüngeren gibt es Nostalgiker» Interview with Elena Filipovic, Basler Zeitung (11/2016)
Kunstreisen im Dreiländereck, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (11/2016)
Gregory Hari: Der Künstler mit dem rituellen Gestus, TagesWoche (11/2016)

Regionale 17 will offer a panorama of recent production in this perennial presentation of artistic positions from Basel and the trinational region. For the 17th edition of the Regionale exhibition, Kunsthalle Basel presents seven young artists who work in various media, including film, photography, installation, performance, sculpture, and drawing. Spread across our ground floor galleries of Kunsthalle Basel, their work negotiates “the real” in diverse ways—documenting it, attempting to replicate it, or alternately oneirically charging it so as to create works that can best be described as surreal. In each case, either a proximity or a distance from the real equally suggests an engagement with it. Combined in an exhibition, these various responses to reality—as a way to interrogate, celebrate, refigure, or disown it in their practices—offer a keen commentary on contemporary world by artists from or now working in the region.