Regionale 16

Jungs, hier kommt der Masterplan


Exhibitiontext (PDF)

Opening: Saturday 28.11.2015, 7 pm

Our contemporary lives are driven by the overproduction of image-objects and proliferation of enabling mobile devices. Digital screens have become the iconic black squares of our time, not only reflecting back on us but, in fact, shaping our daily behavior, emotions, and social interactions. Jungs, hier kommt der Masterplan [Boys, Here Comes the Masterplan] eschews telling a story, or illustrating a theme; instead, it traces an attitude and a modus operandi, bringing together artists and collectives in the tri-national region. With them, we look into the attitudes of a younger generation in search of the black square of the now, and who, in the process, articulate their own tongue-in-cheek master plan to deal with the present. Through their diverse artistic practices, the selected artists define themselves in relation to contemporary image culture and its expanded circulation of information in ways that reveal vibrancy, humor, and lightness, but not without a dark undercurrent and wry critical reflection. This exhibition is supported by Stiftung Laurenz-Haus, Basel and Private Sponsor, Mexiko City.

Performance of Sophie Jung at Hallenbad Rialto. Find more information here.

…And Action: Young people make a short film about the annual Regionale exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel. Premiere December 15 at Stadtkino Basel.

Sarah Bernauer, Kristina Buch, Lotte Meret Effinger, Rodrigo Hernández, Louise Guerra, Sophie Jung, Philipp Schwalb, Johannes Willi


Lotte Meret Effinger, installation view, Supernature, 2014
Rodrigo Hernández, installation view, The Diversity of Today, 2015
Sarah Bernauer, installation view, Milky Ways, 2015
Kristina Buch, installation view, No longer grape, 2015
Louise Guerra, installation view, Chapter 15 Sci-Fi Opera: Sleep Tracking App Loop Station Island, 2015
Philipp Schwalb, installation view, Initiation IN 1 ∞eneratorsüstem änd 3 Hauptfigures (+1+3=7) aus ALLli(c)ght Frag´?!$., 2012-2015
Free Willi, installation view, Ruf der Freiheit, 2015
All photos: Philipp Hänger