Marina Pinsky

Dyed Channel


Exhibition text (PDF)

Taking Basel—its Rhine, architecture, and pharmaceutical history—as her central subject, Marina Pinsky (b. 1986) creates an oneiric landscape of new works for her first institutional exhibition in Switzerland and her largest solo show to date. The Russian-born, Brussels-based artist uses historical examples of product branding to explore the politics behind objects and images of them. Everywhere in her work, photography is a crucial tool for capturing the world around her; here, using casting processes, slideshows, and other methods of replicating objects and images, she creates what one might call photography through other means.
The exhibition is generously supported by
Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte
Volkart Stifung
and the Israelitische Gemeinde Basel.

In the Kunsthalle Basel library and bookshop you will find an associative selection of publications related to Marina Pinsky and her artistic practice.